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SF Connected Program

San Francisco was the recipient of an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act federal grant under the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) to promote sustainable broadband adoption. Department of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS) oversaw the portion of the grant intended to stimulate usage and adoption of broadband services by seniors and adults with disabilities.

The grant ended on September, 2013.  With support from the City and County of San Francisco, the program, now called SF Connected, has continued.  Its goal is to improve the quality of life of seniors and adults with disabilities through computer and broadband technology training to obtain skills and knowledge.

SF Connected will provide customized training and educational programs, with the objective of helping these populations understand how broadband access will be useful to them in their daily lives.  In addition to basic computer and Internet skills adapted for their special needs, training will address other barriers and will provide social media tools to help individuals overcome social isolation, access resources for healthy aging, slow the progress of cognitive impairment, and learn skills to manage personal finances or increase income. In addition, self-educational videos from digitallearn.org are included in all SF Connected computers to supplement and provide support when an instructor in not available and the technology lab is open for use. More than 25 community partners help implement and support the overall goal of the program.

Below is a map of all SF Connected Technology Labs. For more information call 415-355-3555 or visiSFConnected.org

Below are the scheduled technology classes. For more information call 415-355-3555 or visit SFConnected.org

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